Who We Are

We are a group of competent professionals from scientific and management backgrounds, driven by a passion for Sciences with a focus on pharma and biotech sectors.

  • We offer Management Consulting Services to biochemistry, pharmaceutical, life sciences, and chemical industries.
  • We channelize our diverse expertise and experience to address the complex challenges faced by our clients that are bottlenecks to their revenue growth.
  • We assist clients with M&A due diligence, market research, competitive intelligence, distributor identifications, product development, product portfolio expansion, regulatory filings, technical and medical writing, outsourcing, skilled workforce needs, etc.
  • We regularly assess the target markets and publish market research reports that offer unique industry insights.
  • We arrange meaningful internships to young minds with science and engineering background through “AcuBiz BioMatch Program”. It is part of our commitment to developing the next generation of leaders in these complex industries. This program bridges the academia and the industry, ensuring quality for both.

Why Choose us

We know how tough scientists are, as customers, as we speak the same language. Over the years, we have developed special insights to be useful to them. We fine-tune our services to suit their needs to free their time to what matters most to them – Their Research. Our team easily learn to be on the same page with scientists, understand their business goals, and offer tips on brand building and content marketing through social media. Our returning customers include technology startups in science industries with shoestring budgets.

Strategically based in Southeast Asia and India, AcuBiz offers comprehensive business solutions related to many markets in Asia Pacific. The core team of AcuBiz comprises of competent professionals with strong technical and business know-how related to our focus areas and associate consultants from various countries including USA, Europe, and India. We act as regional partners for companies keen to leverage the market opportunities offered by the emerging markets.

Our Latest and Pipeline Products

  • Database of Medical Device Distributors in Indonesia
  • Database of Medical Device Distributors in Malaysia
  • NGSMarkets in India
  • NGS Markets in Japan and Korea
  • NGS markets in China
  • NGS markets in APAC
  • Global NGS markets
  • Global PCR technologies Markets

What our Clients / Partners Say!

October 16, 2018

Saffuan Kudus

Marketing Manager at Global Engage Ltd, Asia Pacific

Global Engage Sdn Bhd – Asia Pacific office is proud to have Acubiz Consulting which has been featured as a media partner for our series of events such as Microbiome & Probiotics Asia Congress, Plant Genomics & Gene Editing Asia Congress, Biologics, Biosimilar & Vaccine Asia Congress etc. We believe in a strong partnership and would like to give our humble thanks and appreciation for enhancing our brand and spreading our life science & healthcare events in Asia to a wider audience.


What our Interns Say!

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